Talent concept

Striver: A person who has no fear of difficulties, does not give up, keeps on fighting, works hard, and constantly creates value for the company and customers.

The company's development need every staff’s striving and effort. Meanwhile the growing-up ENC also feedback its benefit to each employee. During the enterprise development, the priority of distribution, reward, promotion opportunities will tend to the really striver. We will help the striver to improve their individual business ability and together with their income levels, which realize the common development of the enterprise and strivers.


Talent Strategy

ENC adhere to the human resources talent concept "Striver is oriented. Company develop together with strivers", talent strategy is embodied in the following aspects:

Discovering all types of employee needs. Then take action to improve to build a harmonious employee relationship.

Helping employees to establish their career planning. Providing different career directions such as technical, management, sales and marketing etc.

Paying attention to the employees’ promotion of personal ability. Providing various training opportunities according to each employee’s job demand.

Talent echelon planning is clear. It let every staff can exert his talent and realize his value.