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Service concept:

High-efficiency, normative, enthusiastic, satisfactory

Service target:

Provide specialized, quickly, thoughtful and reliable products and service for customers.

Service advantages:

Professional service team

More than 13 years management

More than 100 engineers

About 300 distributors and
cooperation partners

Mature service system

35 branches around domestic

National joint guaranty, fast and

Considerate E service support

Intelligent Cloud data support

Response within 24 hours


Long period warranty

18 months for free warranty

Life-long after sales service

Serve for you wholeheartedly


After-sale service policy

1. 18 months for free warranty
We provide free technical service and warranty within 18 months from the purchased date.

2. Provide life-time compensable products service

3. Efficient telephone and network technical support services Please feel free to contact us if any questions.
3.1 Service call:+86-(0)755-26984485;
3.2 Email:
3.3 Online service

4. Out of warranty if following situations occur during warranty period 4.1 Customer uses the inverter in wrong way without referring to the manual instructions;
4.2 Products broken during transportation or caused by external force;
4.3 Failure caused by self-repairing and refitting without permission.
4.4 Failure caused by non-normal used;
4.5 Bad environment lead to products broken;
4.6 Failure caused by earthquake, fire disaster, thunderstrike, unwonted voltage and some other nature disaster;
4.7 Lost,broken and unrecognized of nameplate, logo and serial number;

League cooperation with ENC

Distributor policy

Adhere to the principle of win-win cooperation and mutual benefit with distributors at all levels to achieve win-win and long-term common development.

Protection policy provided for area and industry distributor.

ENC makes contract with distributors to ensure the rights of each other.


Provide high performance high quality ENC products;

Provide superior service and technical support;

Provide free training about products and technique;

Provide specialized guidance and cooperation of marketing.

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Brand publicity

Post ENC brand news, products advertising, market promotion activities and application solutions on company website, We media and industry mainstream media periodically, increasing the popularity and influence of ENC brand.